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Bloom Of Success

Textiles are the products of many technical processes, skills and devices. Perhaps the most important of these factors is the hand of the trained cotton picker and the meticulous judgment of the cotton selector. The Trulzchler Trumac blowroom line handles the raw material with greatest care.

Separating A Fine Fibre

The opening of fibers is done with utmost care and skill to remove all the contamination and foreign matter. High performance cards gently card the raw material to separate the remaining trash and seed coat fragments from the good fibers. The unidirectional feeding system combined with the new TREX system for trash extraction guarantees trouble free operation.

Combing Of Cotton

The latest combing technology adopted by PBM helps to achieve commitment to excellence in quality. The combing section with two preparation lines includes pre-combing drawframe and the UNIlap feed high-speed Combers, with a permanent nipping rate of 300 nips/min. The precise fiber selection through the unique nipper action in combination with the circular comb allows a reduction of the comber noil and stops the good fibers loss in this process. Rieter combing equipment is the ultimate for combing.

Hub Of Activity

The ultimate preparation towards the goal to achieve the highest standard of yarn. Yarn spun with the highest possible regularity and uniformity.

Threads Of Life

The yarn wound automatically on latest autoconers prepares an electronically cleaned knotless package.

Doubling - Another addition to quality by doubling on latest generation two for one twisters (TFO). PBM strives for perfection in every single cone.

Lifeline Of Growth

Maintaining a high standard of quality is made possible through the use of most modern testing equipments and instruments, of every type needed, manned by well trained and skilled staff.

Products-Par Excellence

Thanks to the incredible advances in our technology, we make the world more exciting for clothing.